Special Guest Mike Rustici of Watershed Talks xAPI

December 18, 2017

Notes for December 18, 2017

Special guest Mike Rustici, CEO and co-founder of Watershed and comes to talk about standards and xAPI with the group. We talked about the collection and usage of data for analytics and how that can apply to the world of L&D, standards in L&D, and general learning experiences. Some great text chat today and some questions that had to be moved to TLDChat to continue. Be sure to scroll up while listening to the playback.

  1. Mike’s history in the field
  2. Standards of xAPI in L&D
  3. LRS
  4. SCORM vs xAPI
  5. What data is needed
  6. xAPI Adoption


Links in the Chat:






Watch the Video Replay:


Golden Nugget:

“As a learning tech person, starting with xAPI with the rest of the world is like talking about the details of your plumbing work, it should be really about the results and the data and continuous improvement with more relevant data captured.”

Picture: Carlos Muza

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