Special Guest Matt Pierce of Techsmith Talks Video

November 29, 2017

Notes for November 29, 2017

Special guest Matt Pierce of Techsmith drops in and gives us a run-down of his background with Techsmith and where the current state of video is as it relates to the learning and development field. He had some great questions for the group and there was some excellent text chat exchanges. The group also answered a few of Matt’s questions as well. Be sure to scroll up through the text when you watch the playback.

  1. Matt’s origin story
  2. Pushing the industry forward
  3. Reviewing video in the real world
  4. The phases of video production
  5. Video examples, based on needs
  6. Content of your video and how it is accepted

Links in the Chat:



Watch the Video Replay:


Picture: Sven Scheuermeier

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