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November 21, 2017

Notes for November 21, 2017

The word of the day today is ‘projects’ and we had a lively conversation on certifications or programs related to instructional design. It was a great discussion on how to create a certification and some comparisons to what is already available. That brought Mark Lassoff into a window, audio only, to talk about the certifications he is already offering. Be sure to scroll up through the text chat when you listen back, because there are a lot of great conversations going on!

  1. Certifications for L&D?
  2. The weight of certifications
  3. What is included in a ‘certification’
  4. Javascript, HTML, and xAPI
  5. Future of coding
  6. Types of certifications suggested

Links in the Chat:

Watch the Video Replay:

Picture:  MJ S

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