British Invasion! Open Source Talk from Across the Pond

October 27, 2017

Notes for October 27, 2017

The British invasion replaces Video Friday for this week. We had a great panel with Jo Cook guiding Bethany Taylor and Marco Faccini through a great conversation. It was a great back and forth on open source resources and some practical applications from the real world. There was fantastic text chat that supplemented the video talk, so make sure to scroll up through while you listen to the playback!

  1. Introductions
  2. Software creation: open source vs. proprietary creation
  3. Open source examples
  4. Talent track example
  5. Learning Now TV

Links in the Chat:

Marco’s Solution Links:


Authoring Tool:


Virtual Classroom/Comms:

Chat Bot:


Data Tools and Data Containers:

Watch the Video Replay:

Picture: Neil Cooper

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