Special Guest – Sam Rogers with a Report from DevLearn 2017

October 26, 2017

Notes for October 26, 2017

We were joined by Sam Rogers from DevLearn 2017 and boy did we get a treat today! Sam gave us a run-down of his DevLearn experience, what his take-aways are so far, and where we are going after the conference. He shared some great insight on video and the text chat was alive with ideas and relations to what Sam was talking about. Be sure to scroll up through the text while listening to the playback.

  1. Sam’s presentations overview
  2. Video as a medium
  3. Level of knowledge
  4. Machine learning/AI
  5. Top 5 Takeaways from DevLearn
  6. xAPI acceptance
  7. Conference Etiquette
  8. Learning styles

Links in the Chat:






Watch the Video Replay:


Golden Nuggets:

“There is fundamental confusion between training and learning.”

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