Video Friday – Special Guest(s) Dan Keckan and Kim Lindsey from Cinecraft

October 06, 2017

Notes for October 6, 2017

Video Friday co-hosted by Sam Rogers was a success as always. Special guest Dan Keckan and Kim Lindsey from Cinecraft Productions joined in to talk about video. It was an interesting conversation around some of the specifics of creating videos for clients and the dilemmas that they face from client to client. It was technical, philosophical, and semantical. Be sure to scroll up through the text chat while you watch the playback for some great insight!

  1. Cinecraft background
  2. Scenarios vs. Simulations
  3. Product marketing video vs. How-to product video
  4. Video content management systems
  5. Content placement for customers
  6. Cinecraft tour

Links in the Chat:

Watch the Video Replay:

Golden Nuggets:

“Video is like football/soccer. Seems like everyone has an opinion how to do it just because they’ve seen people doing it.”

Picture:  João Silas

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