Open Forum – Real World Problem Solving

October 02, 2017

Notes for October 2, 2017

The day started with a quick conversation between Brent and Luis Malbas on the new format of the newsletter and the current state of TLDC. The focus took a hard turn when one of the chat members, Cheryl jumped in with a very vivid example of a situation that is all too common in the field of L&D. It involves a course creation that appeared to be good and was not accepted well and fallout that ensued after. The video and text chat was a flurry with questions, diagnosis, and conversation over all sides of the dilemma. It is an amazing real world issue that the group tackled in true TLDC form.

  1. TLDC Newsletter review
  2. Call to the field for a subject
  3. Discussion on real world project

Watch the Video Replay

Picture:  Hans-Peter Gauster

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