Video Friday – Special Guest Steve Haskin on Production Toys, 360 Video, and Microvideo

September 29, 2017

Notes for September 29, 2017

A fantastic video Friday with special guest with Steve Haskin and Sam Rogers as they discuss the Online Learning Conference and all things video. They discussed pre and post production tools and tips and the logistics of 360 video, among other things. There were a lot of subjects touched on in today’s episode in the video and in the text chat, so be sure to scroll up through while you are watching the play back.

  1. Online Learning Conference
  2. Video solving problems
  3. Defining ‘video’
  4. Production toys
  5. 360 video in the L&D field
  6. Round trip editing
  7. Recording audio for video
  8. Microvideo

Links Mentioned in this Episode

Watch the Video Replay

Gold Nuggets:

“Try zooming with your feet and not with your machine.”

Picture:  Pj Accetturo

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