Special Guest Jo Cook & The Magic of Virtual Training

September 18, 2017

TLDChat started the week off with the lovely Jo Cook, owner of Lightbulb Moments. If you haven’t checked out one of her webinars, we highly recommend them.   Jo is also the deputy editor of Training Journal and also does webinars and podcasts for them.  We are excited she took time out of her busy schedule to be a part of TLDChat and hopefully, we will have her on in the future.

Topics discussed:

  1. Jo’s background in L&D
  2. The two most misunderstood things about virtual training
  3. How to tell if a virtual classroom session is engaged
  4. The best tools for developing your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  5. The use of tools for virtual training



 Jo Cook


Links mentioned in this episode:

Eight reasons to remove chat from your webinar


Facilitator Guide for live online classroom




Mentoring CPD webinars – expression of interest

Making the most of your live online session – resource to download

Link to video recording:



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