Rings of Focus: You – Topics From Learning Live

September 11, 2017

Notes for September 11, 2017

We were back to the center of the Rings of Focus and “you” today. Anthony Altieri, Marco Faccini, and Cara North joined Brent in the video boxes. The conversation bounced around to different topics that were brought up at the Learning Live conference that happened on September 6 and 7, 2017. Those spurred some interesting exchanges in the text chat as well. Be sure to scroll up through chat while watching the playback.

  1. Disruption
  2. Learning Live report back
  3. Learners and current training trends
  4. Digital learning
  5. Custom learning vs. “out of the box”

Links Mentioned in this Episode







Watch the Video Replay


Gold Nuggets:

“I use “consumer” mostly to be more inclusive, but also to denote the difference between the customer/client and the consumer, which are rarely the same people.”

Picture:  Adi Goldstein

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