Dealing with People: Online and In Real Life

September 06, 2017

Today’s TLDChat focused on teamwork.  Brent kicked off the discussion talking about the dynamic between online and in person interactions.  He brought up a great point about how in face to face interactions, many of us expect the person speaking to provide eye-contact.  Online, it’s a bit harder because it’s a challenge to look at your screen and in the webcam at the same time.  The show continued when Joe Ganci hopped in and shared his perspectives about online vs face to face.

Topics discussed:

  1. Interviews: Online vs in real life
  2. The value of meeting face to face
  3. Live streaming content: what does it do for an event?
  4. The power of a face to face needs assessment
  5. Being part of a client’s team


 Joe Ganci


Links mentioned in this episode:

The secret to office happiness isn’t working less—it’s caring less

Link to video recording:

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