Community Showcase: Joseph Suarez and Albert

August 31, 2017

Today we tried something new on TLDChat with a Community Showcase.  Today TLDChat regular Joseph Suarez, from Columbus Ohio, showed off Albert.  Albert is a performance support app that was built for the company he works for.  It provides SOPS and video support to employees who work in laboratories and may need assistance with equipment.  There were so many questions asked by the community in this episode so we recommend watching the replay.  Think about all of the SOPS and job aids at your organization.  Is this an idea worth stealing?  We’d love to hear how your organization tackles performance support.

Topics discussed:

  1. Joseph’s background into learning and development
  2. An example scenario of why Albert was needed
  3. How is the content updated
  4. The power of video


 Joseph Suarez


Links mentioned in this episode:

Link to video recording:

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