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August 31, 2017

I’m noticing a few things about this Community we’re building.

Much of it surprising. But let me back up for a sec.

You may or may not have read my post “100 Days of TLDChat“. Back then (just two months ago!), I was thrilled at how things were going. And here we are, 168 days and 122 episodes into TLDChat and building our Community, I’m even more excited.


Because I truly believe The Training, Learning, and Development Community is improving people’s lives.

Sound like a big deal? It is.

To the best of my knowledge, I don’t know of another professional development community that is doing what we are doing with TLDChat.  Initially, it was an activity to cover a couple of things: 1) Brent wanted a place to talk about our industry and the jobs we all do – something he is completely obsessed with and passionate about 2) We wanted to create a platform to promote our conference.

But our community has become so much more than just that.

You can see it online with the photos Sam Rogers, Katie Stroud, and Cara North have posted featuring other TLDChat regulars from around the country. It’s in the online conversations in our private facebook group or on twitter. It’s in the interactive conversations we’re seeing from participants around the world every single weekday.

And what is this “it”?

I’m going to speak for myself and say I’ve become better for it. On a daily basis, I am surrounded by incredibly talented and skilled instructional designers and workplace innovators that I believe are changing the world. What some see as a weakness in the anatomy of your typical instructional designer, the “I just ended up here” persona that plagues so many trainers, is an powerful part of why this community is strong. The varied backgrounds are what make the Community unlike anything else out there.

We all have one goal, Learning and Development, but our collaborative conversations coming from myriad backgrounds strengthens our ability to effectively manage Education as a constantly evolving process. And the regulars that have joined our Community? These are off the charts talents that I’m awestruck and honored to spend mornings (mostly lurking) listening to and watching in chat. Many of you regulars probably know what I’m talking about. It’s amazing.

It is the Connection. It is the Collaboration. It is the Community. It is TLDC.

Want to join us as a Member? We’ll help you get better at the job you do. Click HERE to get started.

By Luis Malbas

Founder, Wrangler, Floating Tool Bar of all things TLDC.

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