When is Work Meaningful & Thinking About Sharepoint as a LMS

August 29, 2017

Today’s conversation kicked off with Anthony Altieri sharing some information about the American Red Cross and how folks can get involved in helping victims of Hurricane Harvey.  He emphasized that it’s not just about donations, but you can get involved with your time and go to Houston and help rebuild IT infrastructure.  Anthony wrapped up by challenging everyone to get involved in some way, even if it isn’t with the American Red Cross.  Others in the community chimed in on charities they were supporting.  We then segway into meeting today’s guest, Keth Crotty, the VP of Biz Dev at ShareKnowledge, the first corporate LMS built on SharePoint.  Keth gave a lot of great information to challenge Sharepoint misconceptions.  If you are watching the replay, join our Facebook group where we keep the conversation going.  The link is listed below.

Topics discussed:

  1. Ways to volunteer to support victims of Hurricane Harvey
  2. Keth Crotty’s path into learning and development
  3. Books & CDs to eLearning
  4. The power of Sharepoint


 Keth Crotty

 Anthony Altieri 

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