Being a Mad Scientist in Learning and Development with Joshua Lund

August 24, 2017

Sam Rogers was our guest host for Thursday’s TLDChat where we led a fascinating conversation with DePaul’s Joshua Lund.   Josh has about 20 years of experience in technology and music and has a dual role of being a professor teaching a course called “The Beatles and the Creative Process” and is also a senior instructional designer.  Josh’s passion for both came through clearly in the conversation and how appropriate that Sam, aka The One Mouth Band, was our host.  If you are watching the replay, comment below or hit us up on social media TLDChat to let us know about your creative pursuits.

Topics discussed:

  1. Josh’s background
  2. How music has helped credibility for Josh’s learning and development career
  3. Juxtaposition between technology savviness and slow adopters
  4. The importance of marketing your skill set


 Josh Lund

 Sam Rogers

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