Andrew Hughes from Designing Digitally Talks Shop and Conference Materials

August 21, 2017

Notes for August 21, 2017

With the eminent eclipse on the books today, we stepped away from the excitement to have a chat with Andrew Hughes of Designing Digitally. We started with a discussion on one of Designing Digitally’s VR games coming to Steam, then Andy turned the train by throwing out a question. He asked if we shared our PowerPoints that we obtained from conference presentations with other people in the office. It spurred a lot of chatter in the scrolling chat and on screen and led to some interesting answers. Be sure to scroll up while you listen to the playback.

  1. VR Games
  2. Making Training Exciting
  3. Presentation Take Away Material
  4. Better Ways of Sharing Presentation Materials
  5. Goals vs. Education

Links Mentioned in this Episode

Watch the Video Replay

Picture:  Andrew Robles

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