Video Friday – Josh Cavalier on Neuroscience of Video

August 11, 2017

Notes for August 11, 2017

The day started with a quick update on Ajay’s basement room project. It then turned to a great presentation by Josh Cavalier on the Neuroscience of Video. It weaved through microvideo concepts and how to reach people through its use. He also shared some tips and tricks when creating video to bring in your learners.

  1. Ajay’ basement project update
  2. Neuroscience of Video
  3. Microvideo
  4. Priming the viewer
  5. Cognitive Load
  6. Reflexive Memory

Links Mentioned in this Episode

Watch the Video Replay

Gold Nuggets

“Don’t put learning objectives in the beginning of the video”

“What do you call a singing computer? A Dell”

Picture: Jakob Owens

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