Tools, Lifelong Learning, & The Mike Taylor Method of Social Media Curation

August 08, 2017

Tuesday’s TLDChat featured Columbus, Ohio’s own Mike Taylor.  He has over 20 years of experience successfully developing and deploying a wide variety of learning strategies and technologies.  He is known for his frequent and helpful social media posts highlighting tools and hacks in the industry.   Many links were shared today in the chat so if you are able to watch the replay, we recommend it to understand the context around them.

Topics discussed:

  1. Mike Taylor Method of Social Media Curation
  2. Mike Taylor’s shocking confession
  3. Posting to Social Media- Thinking like a marketer


Mike Taylor

Links mentioned in this episode:

23 of the Best Social Media Articles and Marketing Resources Every Marketer Should Read

Your tweet half-life is 1 billion times shorter than Carbon-14’s

3 powerful ideas you should steal from marketing


Link to video recording:


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