Spaced Learning, Smile Sheets, and Learning Styles with Special Guest Dr. Will Thalheimer

August 03, 2017

If you wanted some Thursday Thoughts, there were plenty today on the TLDChat!  Dr. Will Thalheimer, a 30 year veteran in learning and development and a prolific researcher and speaker, brought his data-informed perspectives.  Not only did he share his perspectives on some hot topics in learning and development, but he also provided context.  Which of the topics discussed did he track back to the early 1920s?  Referenced in the show and for your full viewing pleasure, check out the video of Thalheimer VS Quinn on Kirkpatrick.  Also, if you are looking to win $5000, watch the replay to find out about the learning styles challenge.

Topics discussed:

  1. Kirkpatrick 4 Levels of Evaluation
  2. The need for repetition in learning
  3. Learning styles: Fact or fiction?
  4. Neuroscience-helpful, so-so, or not so much?


Dr Will Thalheimer

Links mentioned in this episode:

Knock-Knock! Is Anybody in There? – Why Your Brain is Still Essentially a Black Box

Link to video recording:



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