Teams – Cognitive Biases

August 02, 2017

Notes for August 2, 2017

The word of the day was Teams. We hit the ground running with cognitive biases, specifically focusing on the top 20 biases that screw up your decisions and how they relate to the L&D field, teams, and individuals in the chat. Be sure to scroll up through the chat and find out which one your favorite person relates to.

  1. Teams in general
  2. Cognitive Insight
  3. Cognitive Biases – For Good and Bad
  4. Applying Cognitive Biases to current L&D Trends
  5. Cognitive Bias in Relations to Technology

 Links Mentioned in this Episode–content-marketing/2016/the-great-goldfish-attention-span-myth–and-why-its-killing-cont

Watch the Video Replay

Picture:  jesse orrico

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