Monday Motivation Rings of Focus “You” with Jo Cook

August 01, 2017

Mondays on the TLDC are focused on helping you get some Monday Motivation!  Today was no exception to this as today’s Ring of Focus discussion is all about You!  Today Brent chatted with Jo Cook, founder and Director of Lightbulb Moment.   The conversation started off by Jo sharing some insights about virtual classrooms.  For many, this type of instruction is painful.  Jo suggests this is because the content being delivered in the webinar does not align to the medium.  With tools like Crowdcast and Facebook live video, does this change the medium enough to make a difference?  What are your thoughts?   Leave a comment below and check out the replay of the lively discussion around this topic.

Topics discussed:

  1. Virtual classrooms
  2. Online collaborative tools
  3. How instructional design changes for online events


  Jo Cook

Links mentioned in this episode:

Eight reasons to remove chat from your webinar

 Link to video recording:

Golden Nugget:

   Adam Weisblatt

“A theory is when knowledge meets vision. A strategy is when theory meets planning. Experience is when strategy meets reality.”

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