Open Forum: What Are Your Beliefs In The Industry?

July 25, 2017

Monday on TLDChat, we had a follow-up discussion around your personal mission statement.  To catch up on some of the mission statements from the last episode, check out this blog post. To go a level deeper, what does this look like in your work?  Three of our favorites, Ajay, Anthony, and Mike join Brent to dive into this conversation.  What are your beliefs in the industry?

Topics discussed:

  1. What is your personal mission statement through the lens of your work?
  2. What are your beliefs in the industry?
  3. How do you prove your credibility in the industry?


 Ajay Pangarkar

 Anthony Altieri

 Mike Simmons


Links mentioned in this episode:

What is Your Personal Mission Statement? Open Forum: YOU on the TLDChat

Link to video recording:

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