What is Your Personal Mission Statement? Open Forum: YOU on the TLDChat

July 19, 2017

In this session, Host Brent Schlenker and guest Anthony Altieri facilitated a conversation about the core of a personal mission statement.   By sharing mission statements in the chat, Brent promised to use this information to guide further discussions in future episodes.

Here are the mission statements or guiding principles that were shared by community members:

  Josh Cavalier

“I’m always trying to work on my integrity. That’s my personal belief but it can easily be extended into a how a department operates.”

  Lisa Robbins

“My core belief is that no one will learn unless they see value in it, whether it’s online, in person, etc”

  Mike Simmons

“1 – know your customer better than they understand themselves

2 – solution in the context of the customer

3 – set expectations & execute flawlessly

4 – don’t limit yourself/solution on preconceived notions.”

  Bethany Taylor

” Learning is how the world progresses and continuous learning is what makes our world (and ourselves) better. So if I can promote that within organisations or with clients (in the way that enhances their learning culture) than I’ve been successful.”

  Mark Lassoff

“1) eLearning is dead- We’re in the digital field and just don’t know it yet.

2) Instructional design informs our work, it isn’t what we (should be) doing

3) The baseline for the quality of our work is not other learning content but the work of other people in digital media.”

  Urbie Delgado

“My mission is to put as many miles on me as possible going here n there to help people learn (or remember)..”

  Marco Faccini

“Who I am as a father How I am as a friend How I treat people How people treat me”

  Cara North

“Blowing out someone else’s candle does not make yours burn any brighter. Support one another and celebrate peers’ successes. A collaborative environment where folks feel they can contribute and provide value will make your work products so much stronger.”

  Anthony Altieri

“I believe my job is to give the customer what they need. Period.”

  Anna Leach

“1. Facilitate a culture of honesty and transparency

2. Be open to others ideas and respect their views (don’t be locked in your own perspective)

3. Guide the client based on your knowledge

4. Use your “magic” to make the clients realistic portions of their dreams to be a reality.

5. Learn something new everyday

6. Have fun”

  Dana Haines

“We are just a tool for the boss/client, even if it feels a little demeaning. Set up your life to where you can thrust your greatest passions into something outside of work.”

  Joseph Suarez

“Fight for the users”

  Jo Cook

“I follow what David D’Souza (in the UK) said:

1) Be awesome

2) Be happy

3) Help others be 1 and 2”

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If you are watching the replay, share with us your personal mission statement.

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    Some great statements there from people who do their ‘thing’ every day!



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