Special Guest Host Anthony Altieri in a Conversation with Ajay Pangarkar

June 21, 2017

Can L&D look like a business unit?

Why must L&D justify themselves?  Ajay asks us to focus on performance.  Often times as L&D professionals we talk about learning not performance.  Should we be shifting the paradigm? Are we using it backwards?

Anthony and Ajay explore the relationship between the business needs and learning and development.  Ajay offers the perspective of being a partner- use needs assessment skills and dig in to target what you need to solve.

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Golden Nugget(s)

If you can handle the truth, then come join us.

Orgs look to L&D to solve their problems, and its up to L&D to say no when its not a training issue.

Investigative – so important here – Most people don’t know what they really want/need – conceptually they have an idea, but they may not have completed the thought

Be a sniper, target what you need to solve.

You can build trust and credibility quickly when you say no – be a trusted advisor – not an order taker

The word experience means knowledge.  Your business should have the knowledge to make the experience to align with the experience.

You always have to work with other teams; it’s just a matter of when to focus on who, and maintaining those relationships over time makes that easier to do.


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