Stories, Context, and Microactions – Guest: Ray Jimenez

June 15, 2017

Show Notes – June 15, 2017

Today we welcomed Ray Jimenez into the box. We had a plethora of questions queued up in the Q&A section and no one was let down by the barrage of answers. Discussion started around story-telling and scenario based learning. The two were compared and the concept of context was brought into the discussion as well. The second half brought out a discussion on microlearning and Ray’s take on the concept and its application. There was a flurry of great ideas in the chat, so when you review the video, make sure you roll up through the chat as well to catch those nuggets of insight!

In the Boxes:

Ray Jimenez

Links in Chat:

Review the video:

Gold Nuggets

“Story is in the mind of the learner”

“The worst thing we have done with the word microlearning is call it learning.”

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