Video Friday: Learning Devcamp review, Sam’s unboxing

June 09, 2017

Matt Pierce showed off new Techsmith stickers, Sam unboxed some new digital goodies and the group talked about takeaways from Learning Dev Camp.  Also discussed was the importance of L&D professionals understanding the pressure and fear that SMEs may have of being on camera.

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Brent Schlenker @bschlenker

Sam Rogers @snapsynapse

Matt Pierce @piercemr

Joe Ganci @elearningjoe


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Golden Nuggets:

Vendors and developers, we are in the same community, trying to work towards a common goal.

No vendor is out there wanting to build a crappy product.

One of the early video Friday’s we discussed the importance of a go-bag for video. Even though it takes up space and weight, but how important it is to have multiple solutions because you don’t know all of the variables before showing up. Lighting, cords, adapters, audio, etc. I’ve since built one and it’s been VERY helpful!

I really appreciate the fact that video has become integrated into our lifelong learning mentality.

If you are letting your insecurities getting in the way of making a video about learning, you are now an obstacle.  

Subject matter experts might not see it that way, they don’t see themselves in learning.  Some SMEs are told they have to do it, it’s a different challenge for them.  Understanding their fears and making them comfortable is key.

Also it’s not so much reducing discomfort, but getting comfortable with discomfort.

Uber driver joke: what’s the difference between the introvert programmer and the extrovert one? The extrovert programmer looks at other people’s shoes while he talks to you.

More than fear, there’s also that element of vanity you have disregard.

We have to be happy with who we are, sunspots, moles, hair, teeth, and all that. We like who you are with all of what make you you!

That’s why I like having a helper with me. You just get stuff set up faster. And someone to answer bystander questions while you keep working.

I don’t feel so bad at a conference. But out in the open, not so much. I wanted to record a video walking across a bridge in London, but I chickened out! But with a “cameraperson” with me, I feel more confident and less like a weirdo recording themselves.

There’s an anxiety to be a creator. And I often feel like, “no one wants to see that.”

By tldcom

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