Origin Stories: Featuring Sam Rogers, Enzo Silva, and Anthony Altieri

June 05, 2017

Are you an Accidental Instructional Designer?

If this episode is typical of the corporate training, learning, and development space, the answer would be “Likely”!

There were two topics discussed in this broadcast:

  1. Would participants be interested in having a day where they can show off projects? General consensus was YES.  Additionally, we may also put together some episodes where we feature failures, a la #FAILOUTLOUD. Enzo Silva was interested in possibly moderating this idea.
  2. Lots of discussion about this one: “What was your origin story?”  In other words, how did you end up being a corporate trainer?  Watch the recording and chat for this one, you’ll learn alot about the varied backgrounds of the many attendees participating, ALL of it interesting.


In the Box:

Host: Luis Malbas – @malbatron

On screen:

Sam Rogers – @snapsynapse

Enzo Silva – @enzofsilva

Anthony Altieri – @aa_altieri

Recording: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/060517

Links in the chat:

Sam Rogers created these three videos on Youtube:



there are best practices in learning – but there needs to be room for innovation – so we need both skillsets

WHY DO L&D pros feel like they have to do every single thing in a project?

from my perspective – most are drawn to the field because of an intrinsic interest in helping people. One of the challenges with that is that most have the best intentions, but don’t have the technical background and experience.
this is one of the reasons mentorship and shared experience is so important in the space

I love the relationships that I build while helping people learn/learning from those people. That’s what keeps me going.

I love failure – and this is something I tried to teach my students when I was teaching.

i think it was scott adams who said (hear via tim ferriss) do things where even if you fail, the end result is you learn something that will have a positive impact on life/business/others

Only those who do nothing never fail

Even content that you think is failed content may be useful to someone.

By tldcom

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