ATD ICE 2017 Wrap up, Learning DevCamp Prep, and Speaker Stories

June 01, 2017

Today’s TLDC was hosted by TLDC co-founder Luis Malbas!  

The focus of today’s session was geared toward any takeaways from last week’s ATD ICE event.

Shannon Tipton shared that while ATD ICE had some range of programming for beginners and experienced users, much of the content overlapped.

Mark Lassoff shared his perspective as being an outlier and the usefulness (or lack of) in going to large events.

Josh Cavalier also dropped in as we migrated toward “Speaker Stories” and how they each started speaking events.

Lisa Minogue-White also joined in and contributed her perspective from the UK, why she likes US audiences, and how podcasting has played a role in her evolving as a speaker.

Lastly, Katie Stroud joined to talk about her keynote at Learning DevCamp and her inspirational journey as a speaker.

Altogether a fantastic session if you’re interested in speaking at Conferences — this was a nice peek into varied experiences of how and why many of us become presenters.

In the Boxes:

Luis Malbas @malbatron

Shannon Tipton @stipton

Mark Lassoff  @mlassoff

Josh Cavalier @joshcav

Lisa Minogue-White @lisaMinogueW

Katie Stroud @katiestroudpro


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Golden Nuggets:

Theory is done to death.  All about the execution!

It is important to have a range for learners: beginners and advanced users.

There was a decline of international attendees at ATD ICE, many people were scared to come given the political climate.  

As a presenter, ATD delivers large crowds.

I spent more time networking and socializing since much of the content is similar.

When people ask for my presentation deck I ask why, because you need me with it?

A great speaker is the same ‘on’ as they are ‘off’.

Keynotes are different, can’t fake authenticity

By tldcom

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