A Conversation with Scott Cooper on Content Production, Marketing, and Learning Styles

May 30, 2017

Today’s featured guest was Scott Cooper, VP of Marketing Go1.com, Founder of the Online Learning Weekly newsletter, and NBA Golden State Warriors sideline reporter for Starting5Online.com.  He talked networking (how he got his NBA media credentials), curating content for his weekly newsletter, creating content (giving back- low cost but high quality ways to improve practice), and the need for certificates in learning  (compliance, credibility, social learning?!).  Scott also shared some insights from a marketing perspective.   


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Golden Nugget(s)

There is no one solution to support all learners.  

All content is learning content.

You don’t get a certificate at the end of social learning.  If you read a book, do you get a certificate?  Why do we have the association you need a certificate or you don’t know what you are doing?

Some people are stuck in their system.  They don’t know there is another way for learning.

You shouldn’t have to learn how to learn!

It’s not about just the objectives, it’s about being clear and giving something for the learner to do. Actionable content, not just consuming!

Ok…semantics. But I can say that reality in my experience, there are people who will grasp, follow and engage if start with big picture then the details versus slow build from details to the big picture “why/impact,” and those who need to see something demoed vs do it themselves. “preference”, “Style” or whatever…this is more, I would suggest, than just a personal “like,” rather, decreasing the time to competency.

Because everyone can, everyone does.  The training department used to be the gatekeepers of content.  Nothing got created without us being a part of that process.  

Ownership is a HUGE issue and major weak point in every project I’ve ever been a part of. Someone needs to be tasked with knowing what’s in the training and when it needs to change and make the call on when it changes.

Basic marketing skills have always been an essential skill for training, they just don’t know it.

The more effective professionals know something about how to motivate people to change behavior to support a common goal.

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