Building Paths, Bridges, Roads: What TLDChat is About

May 16, 2017

On March 16th, exactly two months ago, #TLDChat broadcast it’s first episode.

The premise was based on “L&D Talk”, a 2016 concept streamed on the now-shuttered Same idea, very beta and experimental, exciting, and a road less traveled.

Why do it? Too many to list, but it started with Brent simply wanting to start his days talking about his passion: Getting the Work of Training Done.

I was into it because:

  1. I love playing with tech tools and platforms and I thought Crowdcast was particularly intriguing
  2. I don’t know of anyone else in the industry that loves his work more than Brent. As a TLDC Founder, using Brent’s passion and knowledge to find more people like him is a no brainer. Those are the folks TLDC endeavors to serve, and connecting people is one of my favorite things to do in life.

So with 43 sessions under our belt, 102 Crowdcast followers, and nearly $300 in donated funds to cover Crowdcast costs, we’re feeling pretty happy about the future of TLDChat.  Best of all, there are so many new friends and faces that are now a regular part of our week. Not just twitter handles or facebook profiles or usernames, these are PEOPLE that have amazing perspectives and ideas that we’re learning from EVERY weekday.

I didn’t expect to get this much out of TLDChat. I’m constantly inspired. After each broadcast, I feel activated like I just drank a mental cup of coffee, and ready to focus on the task at hand. I also feel pride in the Community, knowing others have challenges to overcome, that we care about what we do and believe in it.

We don’t take it for granted that building something like this is special and that just eight weeks in, the potential is tremendous.

We’re more than grateful for everyone that participates, and we do our best to make sure we are authentic and real about our intent.

So what’s next?  We want to build more value. Find more people to participate. Connect more questions to answers. Build a solid plan for resources to ensure we’re able to continually evolve and up our game as need be.

Can you help us?  Share TLDChat with friends. Write a blog post we can share. Contact us if you’d like to be a featured guest.  Make sure you pop in every once in a while (if you’re not a regular) and say hi.

Episode 1:

powered by crowdcast

By Luis Malbas

Founder, Wrangler, Floating Tool Bar of all things TLDC.

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