Matt Richter and the Current State of L&D

May 11, 2017

With special guest Matt Richter of the Thiagi Group, we put forth a few big questions.

The first, “how do you assess the current state of the L&D industry” ate most of the time, but spurred on great conversation in the box, as well as chat. One of the main responses centered on the responsibility of trainers to not produce what they dream up, but to produce what the company needs. There was even mention of the correlation to how we, as a country, have perceived presidents in history to how we see the L&D industry. Be sure to catch the video and scroll through the chat to catch all the points!

In the Boxes:

Matt Richter

Links in Chat:

Review the video:


Golden Nugget(s)

“If you have to train your management, then maybe management is not very good.”

“Our L&D leadership aren’t L&D people.”

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