Sam Rogers – “What is it you say you ‘do’ here?” and “Is He-Man a Master?”

April 26, 2017

It was a deep dive day with Sam Rogers sharing his take on the current state of the L&D industry. He talked about how to define what we do in a better light so we could, in turn, find a process for officially validating what we do for the community. There was a lot of chat around how we, as an industry, compare to other industries that certify their workers and the differences between certifications and being licensed. Curation was brought up toward the end of the day, but this episode was packed full of information, ideas, and some 80’s cartoon rambling. Be sure to watch the whole video and scroll through the chat.

In the Boxes:

Sam Rogers

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Golden Nugget(s)

“Training is an event and learning is a process.”

“If you hire good people, you cannot keep them from learning.”

Groan of the Day

“Then when we do things, can do those things in accordance with the thing that say things about how things should be done.”

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