Brandon Carson: People Learn Best in the Context of their Own Environment

April 26, 2017

Is Brandon Carson the most interesting man in L&D?  Today he was!

Brandon talked about his career evolution from call center trainer at Microsoft to Director of Learning at Home Depot, the challenges of working in a complex retail environment, and the latest (and biggest) retail revolution, now integrating virtual and digital.

Brandon asks the question of how do we really become nimble enough to adjust to the forces of change in the workplace?  And that L&D Needs to have a strong perspective on what drives value for the business.

Additional topics covered how current knowledge networks are disrupting learning, and the challenges of integrating mobile devices into the workflow of a retail environment.

Lots of chat in this one; many great insights by participants.

Brandon can be found on twitter @brandonwcarson and his contact information is on his website

Purchase Brandon’s book: Learning in the Age of Immediacy: 5 Factors for How We Connect, Communicate, and Get Work Done


By tldcom

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