Benchmarks for Instructional Quality and When Content Can Be Called Training

April 20, 2017

This morning’s session was all based on Sam Rogers’ Linkedin question/post:

In the L&D (aka Training) industry, we have standards for developing content (ADDIE, SAM, LLAMA, etc). But as near as I can tell, we don’t seem to have any standards for the actual content we output. Do we? Links please! I’m not talking formats here, so please don’t say SCORM or xAPI, that’s not what I mean. Where is the benchmark for what makes content Training or not? How do we measure instructional quality? Thanks!

Definitely check out the post, there’s some heated discussion worth reading.

As expected, lots of chat activity, so watching the recording is highly recommended.

Links in the chat:

The Book of Five Rings

In the box:

Anthony Altieri

Link to the recording:

By tldcom

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