Meetings…Love em’ or Hate em’

March 29, 2017

We had a great conversation on meetings in the chat and with Melissa Milloway (@melmilloway) and Marco Faccini (@marcoable) in the video boxes. It is relates to the Team portion of the Rings of Focus. It spurred on heated debate on the necessity of meetings in general and, if they are needed, what format they should be. The group settled on the idea of an “unmeeting” and related it to the idea of an “unconference.” Melissa talked of meetings that were more of a show-and-tell session of current projects without much structure. There were mixed emotions on changing how meetings are run or keeping with the status quo if they are working. A mediator was even suggested at one point to show us how to manage meetings. Check out the recording to hear all the input and suggestions on the subject.

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