Projects and How We Track Them

March 28, 2017

Today’s session centered¬†around the Projects portion of the Rings of Focus. It started with a link to a blog that presents 10 elearning project management tools. We then went wide view with Craig Sybert (@craig_sybert) talking about his struggles with revamping current methods of project management via audio chat and focused in on some of the tools that users in the chat area put to work in their world. We touched on software that is geared toward project management and solutions with software not initially intended for management purposes. Enzo Silva (@enzofsilva) even stepped in briefly and began talking about his personal experience with Active Collab.

Review the video:

You can click on the link below to review this episode in its entirety.

Links in the chat:

Tools that were suggested: Trello, Sharepoint, Word/Excel Templates, Meistertask, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Basecamp, Atlassian, Slack, Active Collab.


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