How Do You Engage With Other Organizations in the Business? plus a quick trip to Orlando

March 24, 2017

With a continuation of the Ring of Focus, the last two rings (Organization and Industry) were brought up briefly.  The industry became a reality through a live broadcast from #lscon. With a tri-panel of Sam Rogers (@snapsynapse), Katie Stroud (@KatieStroudPro), and Tom Spiglanin (@tomspiglanin), what better insight could we get to the conference and the industry? There was some back and forth banter on how important story is to training and how it does not have to be overt, but part of the course naturally. Conversation then turned to the LSCon keynote speaker, Glen Keane and his touting of the Tilt Brush from Google and general creativity. The tie-up conversation was around connections to your IT department and how important those can be. There was comparison of the IT position in the technical world and our L&D positions and some observations around the struggles we both feel.

Review the video:

You can click on the link below to review this episode in its entirety.

Links in the chat:

Discussed Glen Keane and Tiltbrush.  Here’s a video of Keane illustrating in the Tilt Brush environment.

Question of the Day was “How do you engage with other organizations in the business? HR, IT, Legal, c-suite, sales, manufacturing, etc…”.  The answer can be found HERE.


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